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Partnered with the Nation’s Foremost Subservicing Engine

The operations engine behind CU Servnet is Cenlar, the leading subservicing organization in the United States. Cenlar has a long history of servicing mortgages, dating back to 1958. Cenlar has been devoted exclusively to subservicing since 1997, and the company’s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in all areas of subservicing.

CU Servnet uses the services of Cenlar, the nation’s subservicing organization of choice, to deliver solutions for credit unions of all sizes. A reputation for excellence and dedication to your members has earned Cenlar the business of hundreds of organizations.

You may have known CU Servnet as Prime Alliance Loan Servicing, Powered by Cenlar; our name is new but we have been helping credit unions gain mortgage servicing advantages for years. And as a CUSO, we understand the critical role that guidance and support play in helping credit unions do good things for their members, communities, and families.

CU Servnet, by using the technology and expertise of Cenlar, helps secure subservicing for more credit union mortgages than any other organization in the United States. We work to deliver the highest quality customized solutions, so credit unions can concentrate on doing what they do best – helping members thrive!

Through Cenlar, CU Servnet helps our clients gain:

  • Superior member service. Cenlar’s dedicated and high-quality member service is consistent, and branded to deliver the feel of your credit union, your culture, your voice.
  • Fully customized servicing solutions. The needs of your credit union and your members are unique. Innovative and flexible solutions enable credit unions to craft outstanding member programs.
  • Real-time flexibility. Portfolios and business demands change over time; the subservicing capabilities of Cenlar can adapt instantly to meet your needs.
  • Reduced capital outlay. It is expensive to invest in technology and training for products/programs that keep you competitive in the mortgage space. Cenlar makes those investments so you don’t have to. We have resources and an infrastructure already in place and fully operational; everything needed to provide excellent service for your portfolio is ready when you are.
  • Default management. Wouldn’t you rather focus on your core business? Now your credit union doesn’t have to get caught up in the complexities of servicing delinquent mortgages. Cenlar eases that process because it is built on providing professional management to oversee the default loan administration functions.
  • Reduced regulatory compliance servicing risk. Regulatory requirements as well as federal, state, and local laws are in a constant state of flux. Failure to stay on top of those changes can pose significant threats to your credit union. Cenlar has knowledgeable compliance representatives that provide the confidence to know you are always up to date and in line with servicing regulations.

For more information about ways CU Servnet can help your credit union, please contact us.

A Record of Achievement


CU Servnet began serving the credit union community as Prime Alliance Loan Servicing Powered by Cenlar. We’ve been helping credit unions gain mortgage subservicing advantages for years. We unite credit unions with a regulated subservicing entity-Cenlar, a dedicated, top-notch, loan servicer with years of experience servicing mortgages and HELOCs for all types of financial institutions. Cenlar brings a distinct, flexible approach to managing credit unions and their members.

CU Servnet uses the services of Cenlar, the nation’s loan servicing organization of choice, to deliver mortgage loan servicing solutions for credit unions. A reputation for excellence and dedication to client service has earned Cenlar the business of hundreds of organizations.

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A board consisting of credit union executives

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A subservicing provider with over 50 years of industry success and knowledge

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We customize the solution to meet your credit union’s specific needs

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