Seamless Member Experience

We Focus on Creating a Seamless Experience

Want to grow your business in ways that make it possible to better serve your members and take the worry out of subservicing? Mortgage servicing solutions presented through CU Servnet can do that!

We work hard to completely understand your operating philosophy and commitment to your members. With the help of Cenlar, all solutions ensure that your members maintain and even expand their relationship with you. Whether making payments in a branch, navigating your website, inquiring about a new mortgage or refinance, or just asking questions about an existing mortgage, your members will be working with … YOU!

Some of our highly customized loan-servicing solutions include features that present seamlessly to both you and your members, including:

  • A dedicated credit union member service team as an extension of your call center that will answer questions from – and provide answers to – your members and your employees.
  • A private label branded solution that distributes paperwork and electronic communication that integrates with third party reporting repositories (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, credit bureau repositories, NACHA, insurance vendors, property preservation companies, etc.) and bears your logo, to convey the look and feel of your credit union.
  • Accepting checks and electronic payments made by members to you.

By securing loan-servicing solutions through Cenlar, you will stay current with regulatory and compliance changes, and those changes will become a part of your portfolio’s characteristics. This may include monitoring changes in:

  • Subservicing regulations
  • Federal, state and local laws, including foreclosure and default processes

Some solutions also include risk management and quality control monitoring with features such as monthly performance measure audits, and quality control metrics based on mutually agreed upon compliance standards.

Credit unions will receive quick and efficient responses to organizational as well as member requirements and inquiries. That’s because a dedicated member service team and a dedicated relationship manager help keep your daily responsibilities and strategic business needs in line.

A Record of Achievement


CU Servnet began serving the credit union community as Prime Alliance Loan Servicing Powered by Cenlar. We’ve been helping credit unions gain mortgage subservicing advantages for years. We unite credit unions with a regulated subservicing entity-Cenlar, a dedicated, top-notch, loan servicer with years of experience servicing mortgages and HELOCs for all types of financial institutions. Cenlar brings a distinct, flexible approach to managing credit unions and their members.

CU Servnet uses the services of Cenlar, the nation’s loan servicing organization of choice, to deliver mortgage loan servicing solutions for credit unions. A reputation for excellence and dedication to client service has earned Cenlar the business of hundreds of organizations.

Strong Partners

A board consisting of credit union executives

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A subservicing provider with over 50 years of industry success and knowledge

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We customize the solution to meet your credit union’s specific needs

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