Private Label Mortgage Servicing

Subservicing solutions through CU Servnet provide credit unions with the option to implement customized private label branded programs. These programs help maintain your logo and brand recognition at all points of contact with your members. The program also provides a consistent look and feel in print and electronic documentation. Your members will speak with people and may make payments through our dedicated member-service team.

A Customized Private Label Subservicing Program

CU Servnet integrates the strengths of our subservicing processes, and leverages proprietary technology along with experienced management and servicing teams to provide your credit union with private label and branded service solutions. CU Servnet administers and safeguards all of the operational aspects for your subservicing from our offices, but your members will still see and interact with YOU.

By partnering with CU Servnet for mortgage subservicing, you’ll receive:

  • A dedicated toll-free number greeting your members with your name.
  • Outbound calls that are identified as calls from you.
  • Your name and logo appearing on all correspondence as well as electronic and printed materials (such as payment books and statements, letters, notices, ARM loan changes, year-end statements, and escrow analysis).
  • Member-facing payment methods that reflect your credit union. Member payments will be made to your credit union; payments drafted from check or savings accounts will have your name recorded on your member’s statement.
  • Monthly credit bureau reporting that appears in your name
  • Direct call transfer capability to your credit union that will provide members with opportunities to research sales or refinance opportunities directly with you.
  • Internet-based, loan-level access that is fully customizable to your Website. This allows you to view your credit union’s portfolio and for your members to access their loans.

For more information on our private label and branded service solutions, please contact us.

A Record of Achievement


CU Servnet began serving the credit union community as Prime Alliance Loan Servicing Powered by Cenlar. We’ve been helping credit unions gain mortgage subservicing advantages for years. We unite credit unions with a regulated subservicing entity-Cenlar, a dedicated, top-notch, loan servicer with years of experience servicing mortgages and HELOCs for all types of financial institutions. Cenlar brings a distinct, flexible approach to managing credit unions and their members.

CU Servnet uses the services of Cenlar, the nation’s loan servicing organization of choice, to deliver mortgage loan servicing solutions for credit unions. A reputation for excellence and dedication to client service has earned Cenlar the business of hundreds of organizations.

Strong Partners

A board consisting of credit union executives

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A subservicing provider with over 50 years of industry success and knowledge

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We customize the solution to meet your credit union’s specific needs

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