Loan Subservicing
That Improves the
Member Experience

Who and What Is

CU Servnet is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) led by executives from some of the nation’s top credit unions and dedicated exclusively to mortgage loan servicing. Our purpose is to generate ideas from all credit union partners and design, build and implement new product initiatives for credit unions. CU Servnet then makes the mortgage loan servicing experiences available to credit unions. Cenlar has been our trusted servicing partner for nearly 20 years.


CU Servnet generates ideas and funds products and initiatives to enhance the credit union member experience.

Cenlar develops and builds enhanced services.

Cenlar delivers member-focused solutions to the benefit of all Cenlar’s credit union clients to create a heightened experience for our partner’s members.

“With a partner like Cenlar, we can trust that our loans are being serviced to the most rigid guidelines required by state and federal regulations…” Read more

CFCU Chief Lending Officer Monika Besancon

“Credit unions are here to help people first. I’ve always been passionate about the credit union story and the CUSO builds on that philosophy.” Read more

Numerica Senior Vice President of Payments and Operations Mark Fox.

What is CU Servnet’s relationship with Cenlar?

Cenlar is one of the owners of CU Servnet and is the subservicing partner chosen by CU Servnet.

Who are CU Servnet’s solutions available to?

Because of the relationship between CU Servnet and Cenlar, all CU Servnet’s solutions are available to Cenlar credit union clients.

How much does it cost to receive all the benefits provided by CU Servnet?

There is no cost. CU Servnet absorbs all costs associated with providing enhanced services to our credit union clients.