Customized Solutions

Gaining a complete understanding of your credit union’s philosophy.

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A team dedicated to staying on top of federal, state, and local regs.

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Our leadership includes experienced executives from prominent credit unions.

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Credit Union Mortgage Servicing

Delivering Value and Experience to Credit Unions

The number of people seeking mortgages through their credit union has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. And that’s good news. It shows that more people are embracing the credit union movement, which is built on the strength of people working together to deliver value and a great experience to their members.

More people are obtaining mortgages through credit unions, but the challenges of servicing these mortgages have also grown more complex.

And that’s why we created CU Servnet.

Credit Union Mortgage Lender Services

CU Servnet listens to credit unions. We gather your input. Then we focus on the requirements needed to create the ultimate custom subservicing solution; a custom subservicing solution that benefits your credit union and your members.

CU Servnet creates the framework for the solution. And Cenlar, a leader that wrote the book on subservicing over 50 years ago, delivers the solution.

The result? Credit unions get to expand their services, embrace a competitive edge in their community, hand off the worries associated with regulations, compliance, and default management, and serve their members more efficiently.

Trust in Strong Partners

CU Servnet is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that’s been a leader in helping credit unions gain subservicing advantages for years. You may remember us as Prime Alliance Loan Servicing, Powered by Cenlar.

Default Management For Credit Unions

The subservicing solutions we secure through Cenlar ensure that every credit union gains a partner with expertise in all facets of subservicing, and that includes a complete understanding of:

  • Compliance
  • Federal, state, and local regulations
  • The latest technology
  • Integration between our technology and your existing systems
  • 24/7 member service
  • Default management
  • Personalized branding
  • Transitioning portfolios
  • Organizational support

Every aspect of the well-managed and reliable subservicing solution your credit union receives becomes an extension of your brand and reinforces your standing as a leader in your community. And you can fine tune that extension with options to place your credit union’s name at every point of member contact.

All subservicing solutions can be customized for any credit union. As a CUSO, we make sure each solution combines your knowledge with the experience of Cenlar, so you can provide the services your members require. Each solution, including the way we address your members over the phone, payment processing in the branch and the integration of your existing systems with ours – all present a seamless solution for both you and your members.

CU Servnet would enjoy the opportunity to be the organization that helps bring effective subservicing solutions to your credit union. Please get in touch with us!