Providing Member-Centric Service to Credit Union Partners

It would be easy to assume that the nation’s leading mortgage subservicing company works only with the very largest banks. But, in fact, Cenlar’s client portfolio is comprised of a diverse set of credit unions, banks and mortgage companies. We are proud to work with many credit unions of all sizes from across the country.

Someone once said this about credit unions, “At a credit union, you feel like you own the place. You do.” At Cenlar, we are much like credit unions. While we are 100% employee-owned, credit unions are people-owned. At Cenlar, we are much like credit unions. While we are 100% employee-owned, credit unions are people-owned. And, it’s those similarities that make credit unions such great partners because of our shared values and mutual partnership. We care for our credit union partners’ members as if they were our own. We understand the credit union commitment in helping communities keep the dream of homeownership alive.

There was a time when a credit union met the needs of a specific group with a traditional deposit and loan product offering.

Credit union members had in common a place of work, profession or some other shared affinity. It was where we might deposit our paychecks and apply for a car loan or a fixed 30-year mortgage.

Credit unions didn’t have to offer both the array of products and the advanced technologies needed to serve larger groups or varied loan portfolios. But all of that has changed over time. Today, credit unions have grown far beyond their founding affinity groups, have expanded their product offerings and now market to larger audiences – something similar to the very largest banks.

What hasn’t changed for credit union members is the expectation of exceptional member service. Like most financial institutions offering home mortgages, several years of reduced rate environments have brought thousands of new members, as well as a wave of existing members wanting to refinance their homes.

Cenlar is the mortgage subservicing partner to CU Servnet, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that is led by executives from some of the nation’s most respected and top credit unions and dedicated exclusively to mortgage loan servicing. CU Servnet truly understands the credit union business model, values, priorities and mission.

Through CU Servnet, member-focused solutions are delivered to create a heightened experience for credit union partners and their members.

A dedicated call center comprised of member experience specialists emulate the credit union level of a personalized touch. Member interactions have the same warmth and “valued feeling” they would receive if they were to visit a branch office.

CU Servnet is supporting how credit unions operate in today’s environment without diminishing the superior member service.

The ability to offer more, yet feel personal, is the perfect model for today’s credit unions.