Texas Tax Liens

The Texas Tax Code (Section 32.06 and 32.065) allows homeowners to transfer real estate property tax liens on their property to a third party. Once the third party (transferee) pays the delinquent taxes, penalties, interest and fees due, the taxing authority will issue the transferee a tax receipt and transfer the lien to the third party. Per the tax code, the transferee of a tax lien and any successor in interest is entitled to foreclose on the lien. These loans put the parties offering the loan in the 1st lien position over the mortgage company.

In order to protect the interest of mortgage holders, Corelogic offers a service where they will conduct two annual searches a year at a cost of $2.50 per search ($5.00 per year) to track these liens.

If you are interested in having Corelogic conduct searches on your Texas properties, please contact your relationship manager