ACH System Enhancement Update

Cenlar is enhancing our ACH system to automate the delivery of financial transactions to the Federal Reserve Bank. In preparation for this Q317 enhancement, a unique Company ID has been assigned to each ACH file. Through testing, we have uncovered a need for an additional company ID. Starting 9/29/17, we will begin using 9REDEP for the representation of borrower ACH payments. Below are the ACH transactions/files that have been/will be replaced with the Company IDs listed.

Purpose of Transaction Company ID
Recurring Draft 9Drafting
1X Draft (Phone and Web) 9DFT4
1X Draft (Ventanex Mobile) Ventanex
1X Branch Payment ClntBrPmts
Manually Generated ACH transactions (borrower payments, investor payments, accounts payable) 9BankOps
Accounts Payable 9ACCTBANK or 9ACCTCORP depending on Cenlar Legal Entity
Investor Remittance ACH File (transactions with a description of Cenlar FSB-NJ CPI T690) No Change
Borrower ACH Payments 9REDEP

Please make note of this change to ensure financial transactions sent to your institution are not impacted. If you have a block on transactions based upon the Company ID, please make certain to notify your correspondent bank or update your banking system to allow transactions from the above listed Company IDs.