Cenlar Prepared for Impact of Natural Disasters

Hurricane Idalia made landfall Wednesday, Aug. 29, impacting the western coast of Florida.

As we were for those affected by the fires in Maui earlier in August, Cenlar is prepared to assist homeowners affected by Hurricane Idalia. For all disasters, Cenlar proactively takes steps in alignment with our plans to manage natural disasters, including:

  • We identify all loans within the track and expected track of the disaster (where either the property itself or the filed mailing address are located in the state). Using this information, we can better target which homeowners should receive assistance emails.
  • Contact Centers: Proper handling instructions are sent to our contact centers, so our representatives are prepared to help affected homeowners.
  • IVR: Our IVR is updated to contain disaster prompts and routing.
  • Third-party vendors: With the assistance of our third-party vendor management team, we work to identify potential vendor impacts.

Once an area is declared a disaster area by FEMA, we code all of the impacted loans so we can track them on our Disaster Dashboard. This dashboard is delivered to you daily through CenAccess.

For more details on how we handle disasters, you can review our Disaster Playbook on CenAccess.

If you have any questions, please contact your client manager.