Cenlar’s Migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Whitelisting Reminder and Connectivity Testing Details

As we move ahead with the last phase of the cloud migration, we ask you to participate in connectivity testing to ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft Azure. Earlier this month we provided a list of impacted client and homeowner-facing applications. We are now ready to kick-off connectivity testing and need your help to make the process as seamless as possible. While participation in testing is optional, we strongly encourage you to test in order to avoid any issues. Please carefully read the instructions for whitelisting and testing information.

Whitelisting IP Address Update
If you whitelist Cenlar applications, you must update IP addresses for applications impacted by our cloud migration before June 11 when we expect to make the cut over to the new environment. We will communicate the scope and duration of that activity in the next couple of weeks. 

Please remember that the URL address will remain the same although you may need to whitelist the new IP address. Whitelisting ensures your security protocols do not prevent you from accessing the migrated environments. Existing IPs should not be removed from any whitelists until Cenlar has confirmed migration of the applications.

Please reach out to your IT Security group to ensure your security protocols do not prevent you from accessing the migrated environment when it becomes available.

New IP addresses for all of our impacted applications are listed here:

Please Note: We have updated this list to include additional applications. 

Production environment domain names and new IPs

Application Production Environment Domain Name      New IP –  Production
   SSO  clientservices.loanadministration.com
 SSO di.cennet.com
Global Teller  gt.cenaccess.com
NLAI nlai.cenaccess.com
Client-facing APIs api.cenlar.com
NewLoans XML newloans.cennet.com

Test environment domain names and new IPs

Application Test Environment Domain Name New IP – Test
SSO beta.clientservices.loanadministration.com
SSO beta.di.cennet.com
Global Teller lockdown.clientservices.loanadministration.com
NewLoans XML beta.newloans.cennet.com

Please review the list of homeowner-facing applications below. If they are behind a firewall or proxy, you will need to whitelist.

Application Production Environment Domain Name New IP – Production
CenNet Request Assistance assistanceprograms.loanadministration.com
CenNet Public Pages (privacy notices) loanadministration.net
California Opt-Out optout.loanadministration.com
SSO sso.loanadministration.com

Connectivity Testing (May 2 – May 20)
Testing will run from May 2 through May 20 (Testing is starting one week later than we previously communicated). To confirm whitelisting is effectively complete, we strongly encourage you to participate in connectivity testing. Follow the steps provided below to complete testing for applications impacted by the cloud. Validation is as simple as clicking a link. Please engage your IT team for the best results. Note: This is connectivity testing only. There is no functionality testing required.

Connectivity Testing Steps

1.      Complete whitelisting as needed (see details above)

2.      For each application you use, navigate to the corresponding temporary URL provided below between May 2 and May 20, 2022

3.      Document results

1.      Successful connections will return a brief message confirming that you have reached the correct temporary domain name

2.      Document failure results with a screenshot and reach out to CloudMigration@Cenlar.com for technical support

4.      Report results to your client manager when you have successfully completed testing

Temporary URLs for connectivity testing are listed here:

Temporary production environment domain names

Application Temporary Production Environment Domain Name
SSO temp.clientservices.loanadministration.com
SSO temp.di.cennet.com
Global Teller temp.gt.cenaccess.com
NLAI temp.nlai.cenaccess.com
NewLoans XML temp.newloans.cennet.com

Temporary test environment domain names

Application Temporary Test Environment Domain Name
SSO temp.beta.clientservices.loanadministration.com
SSO temp.beta.di.cennet.com
Global Teller temp.lockdown.clientservices.loanadministration.com
NewLoans XML temp.beta.newloans.cennet.com

Please reach out to your client manager with any questions.