Client Bulletin 10/22/21

Your New Options for Submitting a Client Request

Cenlar Case Management (CCM) has eliminated the need for most client-facing email boxes. With this in mind, on October 12 we updated the Client Support Options Matrix to remove client-facing email boxes that transitioned to CCM and made adjustments to the Investor Reporting support email box options. CCM was further enhanced as part of this process. The chart below provides a quick, at-a-glance summary of all changes for your convenience.

The new Client Support Options Matrix has been posted on CenAccess and can be found under the Support tab and then by clicking on “Need Assistance?” If your request type is not listed on the matrix, it has been transitioned to CCM. Please share this information with your CCM users and administrators.

Summary of Changes

  CCM Change  Client Support Options Matrix Change
CEMA New option added: General Servicing / Satisfaction Lien Release / Loan Level Action / CEMA Client facing email box should no longer be used: cemanot@cenlar.com
Client Billing Subservicing Invoice Inquires New subcategory options added to existing Relationship Needs / Client Billing Subservicing Invoice Inquires option:

·    Billing Disputes

·    Invoice Question

·    Other

Investor Reporting New option added: Relationship Needs / Investor Reporting / Inquiries Questions Client facing email boxes should continue to be used as follows:

·    General Inquiries: Contact your Client Manager

·    Investor Conversions: investorconversionsdist@cenlar.com

·    Freddie Mac Purchase Advices: fhlmcloantransfers@Cenlar.com

·    ‘Other’ Loan Purchase Advices: Contact your Cenlar assigned Accountant

·    Ginnie Mae Pool Schedules: ginniemaepoolschedules@cenlar.com

MERS ‘MERS Audit’ removed: General Servicing / MERS / General Inquiry Process / MERS Audit


Submit requests to: Audit / Client Oversight / Vendor Oversight / Document Request


Reminder: if you are submitting a MERS Audit finding, you would use Audi t/ Client Oversight / Vendor Oversight / Findings




Property Tax General / Inquiry Process dropdown options are being consolidated into 1 sub-category to improve our clients’ selections in this request type N/A
Year End Year End request options added under:

General Servicing / Loan Maintenance

Bulk 1098 Corrections Pre-Year End Correction
Post-Year End Correction
404 Notices Change of Ownership Letter


Payment Processing Changes to Meet TILA Requirements

Homeowners, on occasion, send us payments that lack a valid loan number (non-conforming payments). When this occurs, Cenlar uses multiple data points to identify valid loan numbers, including borrower/co-borrower name, mailing/property address, old loan number, payment amount, and client name. Two data points received with the payment must match the loan on our system.  If our loan search is unsuccessful our practice has been to hold these payments for a period of time, giving clients and homeowners an opportunity to match up the loan and payment.

To ensure Cenlar is following best practice and handling non-conforming payments timely, payments received without a valid loan number will be returned to the sender beginning December 1, 2021. Prior to returning a payment, we will continue to follow the process outlined above to identify valid loan numbers.

If your organization receives a periodic copy of our CID (Cannot ID) log, this log will no longer be distributed after the effective date.