Client Bulletin – November 6, 2020

Introducing New Cenlar Catalog of Borrower Emails As borrowers continue to inform how and when we communicate with them, Cenlar is increasingly relying on email to share important information and updates. For your convenience, we have compiled copies of all of the standard borrower emails into a single document. You can now access our catalog of these emails on CenAccess under Training & Reference > User Manuals. Borrower communications related to COVID-19 may be found in the Pandemic Borrower Communications Matrix located in the Disaster Impact Information Reference Section. 
Cenlar Loan Servicing Website Guide Now Available for Our New Borrower Mortgage Servicing Platform A Cenlar Loan Servicing Website Guide is now available on CenAccess for our new borrower mortgage servicing platform. In the guide, you’ll find all of the system screen shots you need to understand the full functionality and features of our new website. The guide may be found under Training & Reference > User Manuals.  The Cenlar Loan Servicing Guide for the existing borrower website is also still available. 
State Financial Assistance Programs for Borrowers In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous states have launched financial assistance programs to assist borrowers and renters who are at risk for foreclosure and eviction. If borrowers apply and are qualified for a state financial assistance program, the applicable state will make payments for rent, security deposit, mortgage payment, and/or hazard insurance payments directly to mortgage servicers and landlords on behalf of the household. Not all states, however, have the same requirements. Cenlar is currently tracking 28 financial assistance programs that have launched since the beginning of the pandemic, and is working with states to facilitate payments. Due to the various nuances and implications of certain financial assistance programs, you may be contacted by us to confirm whether you would like to participate in these programs prior to Cenlar agreeing to do so on your behalf.  One reason for requesting confirmation is that, in some cases, the amount of financial assistance offered to borrowers may be insufficient to cover the monthly mortgage payment or to reinstate the loan. In addition, some programs may require the lender to release liability for the amount of the monthly payment not covered by the state’s assistance program.