Fastest Path to Cenlar Client Support

Providing fast and efficient support to you and your borrowers is a top Cenlar priority. That’s why we offer many support options, so you and your teams obtain the fastest-possible resolutions to your requests. Here are three examples of what we offer:

  • Client Self-Serve Options – Provide the fastest and easiest resolution path utilizing client-facing, technology enabled capabilities
  • Client Support Email Boxes – Specialized email boxes enable you to submit requests directly to Cenlar Operational Units, so our subject matter experts tackle your specific inquiries as quickly as possible
  • Borrower Self-Serve Options – Borrowers get the information they need, when they need it, using a variety of options including website, mobile app (for non-private label clients), automated phone line, and interactive phone bot

The linked Cenlar Client Support Matrix provides you with an at-a-glance support and contact options guide. It’s a great way to quickly determine the best path to fulfill various request types. The guide will also be added to CenAccess for easy access and retrieval.   

Please share this guide with your staff and encourage them to use all of Cenlar’s direct-support options when submitting loan-level requests to Cenlar or working with borrowers. Let your staff know there are many more options than just using the client_management@cenlar.com or the Default email boxes.