FHA Loans – HUD Holder Name

Beginning this month, Cenlar will send our business partners a monthly report of all FHA loans whose HUD Holder name is not in the name of our business partners. This report will be a loan level report that will provide all relevant information regarding the loan and its holder information (e.g. Loan number, FHA case number, Holder ID, Holder name, Cenlar acquisition date).

As you know, HUD Holder name changes cannot be made by anyone other than the Holder of record, so it is this report that will provide our business partners with the information necessary to contact the loan originators or other 3rd parties that are currently the holder of record to make the necessary name changes.  Click here for the job tool that outlines the steps necessary to make name holder changes in bulk or individually, on FHA connection.

For all questions regarding the FHA HUD holder name report or any other HUD holder questions, please send inquiries to hudholders@cenlar.com.