Global Teller Enhanced

As part of our incremental security improvements to ensure that all client-facing applications are fully compliant with the FFIEC guidance on Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment (AIBE), Cenlar has developed a new version of Global Teller with enhanced security through an IP address lockdown.

The IP address lockdown restricts the new Global Teller site to be accessible only by a list of pre-approved IP addresses. In other words, a user can only access Global Teller from an IP address authorized by your organization. This adds another layer of access control and augments the existing UserID/Password authentication controls.

We will work with you to migrate users to this new version of Global Teller, and we plan to retire the old version by the end of 2017. This migration should be transparent to users, except that the url will be changed to: https://gt.cenaccess.com.

In order to make the new Global Teller site available to your organization, we will need you to provide us with a complete list of IP addresses from which you authorize your associates to access the site. The authorized IP addresses are typically external “hide” IP addresses that are public facing, or an IP address range. Cenlar will implement IP address filtering controls. We will then work with you to perform acceptance testing and schedule a date for production rollout.