Great News…Cenlar FSB Expands Operations to Tempe, AZ

We are proud to announce our plans to open a West Coast Operations Center in Tempe, AZ this year. While Ewing, NJ, will remain our corporate office, this new western location will help provide enhanced service to you and your customers.

Cenlar’s new site, located at 8160 S. Hardy Drive, Tempe, AZ, will be primarily staffed by customer service representatives and loan servicing agents. In addition, there will be a variety of operational, as well as administrative support staff.

This alignment with western state business hours means our customer service representatives and loan servicing agents will now be available in not one but two time zones to better serve your borrowers. The new location will also help us manage weather risk. Should inclement weather affect our east coast operations, our western office will remain open for business.

As of today, the build-out of the interior space has begun. We are actively recruiting staff, with the first employee onsite training class expected to be held at the end of November.

We will keep you abreast on the progress of our new office in Tempe, Arizona in the weeks and months to come.