HOA/Condominium (HOA), Cooperative (CoOp) – Data Required

Cenlar will now require HOA information for all loans boarding that are subject to an HOA or is a Cooperative.  In order to identify loans with these requirements, we have added additional fields to the XML Specifications.  Please see the attached “HOA Field-Edit Definitions” spreadsheet which lists the fields and API edits that are in effect.

To allow for programming time, we have established the following workaround since the “Tax Exception” field is already an existing XML field and also found in NLAI.

Cenlar FSB has added new codes to the Tax Exception field in the interface file to identify properties with a HOA or Cooperative association.  If boarding loans with one or multiple associations, data must be provided in the “HOA Condo Coop Field for Loan Transfer Team Instruction spreadsheet and e-mailed to HOACondoNotices@Cenlar.com.

Provided below are the valid codes and the document detailing the HOA format.

New Valid Codes :

  • HOA- Homeowner/Condo Association
  • HNC- HOA/New Construction
  • HMP- HOA/Multiple Tax Parcel
  • HCM- HOA/New Construction/Multiple Parcel
  • HIR- HOA/Escrowed Water/Irrigation Bill
  • HGR- HOA/Ground Rent
  • COP-Coop

Existing Valid Codes:

  • NWC – New Construction – Possible parcels not split
  • MTP – Multiple Tax Parcel
  • NCM –New Construction with multiple parcels
  • LGR – Leasehold/Ground Rent

HOA Instructions/Spreadsheet:

  • Input information starting on line 3 of the spreadsheet (attached above)