HUD Tier Ranking

Cenlar is pleased to announce that for the twelfth consecutive quarter (3 years) we have maintained a Tier 1 ranking.  In addition, for the year ending 2017, we have received our highest score ever for an entire reporting year of 96.17%. This means that in our performance ratings for Foreclosure Prevention, Redefaults, SFDMS Reporting and Loss Mitigation Engagement have been consistently among the best in the country yielding extremely positive results for our clients.

For you, this means that your incentives for defaulted loans will result in higher monetary reimbursements. This includes additional payment to you for each Special Forbearance Agreement executed, the extension of two additional months to continue to market your properties being sold via Preforeclosure Sales for a total of six (6) months, and an increase in the reimbursement of foreclosure costs from 66% to 75% of Part B claims.