Hurricane Relief Conference Call

To keep you apprised of our ongoing response to the three recent hurricanes, Cenlar Servicing Operations will be hosting a conference call to detail the actions we’ve taken to assist your borrowers, and to provide you with the opportunity to have your questions answered and address any concerns you may have.

Details are as follows:

Date – Wednesday, September 27th

Time – 2:00 pm EST

Conference line number – 1-800-371-9219

Access code – 9390031

Please submit your questions to cenhurcall@cenlar.com.

This conference call will be a listen only, one hour session hosted by Mike Blair, EVP Servicing Operations, and James Volinski, Default Administration Manager, who has been coordinating our efforts. Also present on the call will be management from Cenlar’s Customer Interaction, Default, Insurance, Investor Reporting and Transfer Operations departments, who will address initiatives specific to those areas. The most common questions/concerns will be addressed on the call, and individually as necessary.

The call will be recorded for distribution to clients unable to attend, as well as those who would like to share it within their organizations.