MHA Supplemental Directive 17-01

The MHA Supplemental Directive 17-01 provides guidance to servicers regarding GSE HAMP Loans (as defined in the Handbook) sold as part of either a non-performing or re-performing loan sale (NPL Sale or RPL Sale, respectively). The Directive relates to the eligibility of such loans to receive financial incentives through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Cenlar does not participate in these sales, therefore, we are contacting you to confirm that you have not participated in these sales prior to Cenlar servicing these loans. Additionally, if you have any intention to participate in these loan sales, that would also predicate this provision.

If you have ever participated in a Treasury NPL or RPL sale, or may in the future, please respond via email to your Relationship Manager and include a list of the affected loans. We will also need to know how the loans would be identified in our system.