Monthly Periodic Statement Enhancements

We’re pleased to report the following copy change enhancements to the CFPB compliant monthly periodic statement:

  • In the Explanation of Amount Due section of the statement the following copy was changed:
    1. Overdue Payment to Overdue Amount;
    2. Regular Monthly Payment to Regular Monthly Payment Due (MMDDYY) – (pulling in the payment due date for which the bill is being generated).
    3. Total Fees Charged to Total Fees Charged Since Last Statement
  • In the Past Payments Breakdown section of the statement copy Paid Last Month was changed to Paid Since Last Statement
  • For Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation Loans only, under the Important Information Section, the word “Loan” was added in front of “Statement” so it now reads: This Loan Statement is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

We will continue to look for ways to enhance and improve our monthly periodic statements to better serve you and your borrowers.