Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) Changes

We are pleased to announce we have made enhancements to our Quarterly NMLS Reporting Package and starting in July we will begin delivering a new set of NMLS reports. The enhancements are designed to streamline the use of the reports by providing a more consolidated summary along with the loan level information.

Details of the enhancements are outlined below:

Criteria adjustments: 

Zero Balance Loans – Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation Series (S400 and S200) – loans previously displayed with a 0 or .01 balance will now show the principal balance prior to the adjustment to 0.

Report Changes:

The following files will be delivered as a part of our new standard Quarterly NMLS Reporting Package. Sample reports have also been provided.

  • YYYYMMDD_NMLS_Tabs_Client Name – contains two tabs needed to file your NMLS reporting electronically. The tabs (one for count and one for unpaid principal balance) contain all the sections by property state in one place.
  • YYYYMMDD_NMLS_Tabs_Loandetail – includes all loans used to create the summary view, file labeled: YYYYMMDD_NMLS_Tab_Client Name and provides information on where the loan will report.
  • YYYYMMDD_NMLS_Tabs_CURR – includes all the loans as of the end of the quarter with their relevant data points.
  • YYYYMMDD_NMLS_Tabs_PREV – consists of all loans as of the beginning of the quarter with their relevant data points. It is used in conjunction with the end of quarter file to create the summary information found in the file labeled: 20190411_NMLS_Tabs_Client Name.