New Loss Mitigation Pipeline Report

On Monday, February 3, 2020 we will begin distributing a new Loss Mitigation Pipeline Report. This new report combines loss mitigation data that is currently found on multiple reports into a single document, providing you with more detailed information and a consolidated view. 

The pipeline report provides an inventory of your loans that are active in Loss Mitigation and the status of each. You will see details for loans in Opening, Underwriting, Repay, Closing, and Short Sale, including total loan counts for each specific status.  You will also be able to filter by Investor, Disaster, Lien Position or current status.

Other New Loss Mitigation Pipeline Report Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for Step Reporting, since the status is based on the last step completed or letter sent to the borrower
  • Provides the ability to view the total population or certain segments of loans
  • Enables you to track a loan’s progress as it moves throughout the Loss Mitigation process
  • Clearly identifies loans that will require a buyout from a pool

Please begin using this new Loss Mitigation Pipeline Report in your organization.  This report enhances the existing Loss Mitigation Step Report, which will be sunset in the coming months once Clients have transitioned to the new report.

The new Loss Mitigation Pipeline report will be delivered to your organization via our automated SFTP report delivery process every Monday.  A month-end summary report will be delivered on the first business day of each month.  The file name of the report is:

20191118_Loss_Mitigation_Pipeline_v1.2_321_ABC Bank.xlsx
(Date of Report_Loss Mitigation Pipeline v1.2_servicedforID Client Name.xlsx)

Please review the report sample and data dictionary in preparation for your use of the new report.