Reminder: Freddie Mac Investor Reporting Change Initiative (IRCI)

Cenlar will go live with Freddie Mac’s Investor Reporting Change Initiative this week. To assist with this transition we are supplying the table below again to remind you of the Freddie Mac associated MSP reports that are being sundowned, and their replacements. The May 15th Freddie Mac Accounting cutoff is the last time the existing reports will be produced for Freddie Mac Reporting.

Existing Report Title/ Function New
Title/ Function Frequency
ZZFP Loan Level out of Balance EO3123 Test of Expected Cash Monthly at cutoff
Z9C3 Transmission Maintenance EO3155 Freddie Mac LLR-M Activity Monthly at cutoff
T652-1 Loan Reconciliation – Mthly Remit Summary EO3152 Freddie Mac LLR Reporting Data Monthly at cutoff
T652-3 Loan Payoff Detail Report EO3157 Freddie Mac Liquidation Reporting Daily based on activity
ZZFM Loan Accounting Data Cross Reference (Monthly Transmission Summary) EO3159 Freddie Mac Monthly Exception Processing Recap Monthly at cutoff
P40X Primary Cash Control (Cashbook) S-2H3-1 Freddie Mac IRCI Custodial and Adv/Repay Activity Daily

Modified Reports:

Summaries of the changes to the following reports have been posted to CenAccess: P101, P102, P10N, P10P, P110, P113, P129, P130, P139, P151, P187, S210, S213, S214, S215, S24N, S280, S50Y, S548, T690, T691, T69X, and T69W.

In addition, a consolidated summary for reports involving cash movement of Default Liquidation Proceeds (DLP) is included for S50Y and S548, with reference to P102.

And lastly, to prepare and process these new enhancements, the modified reports schedule of delivery will occur by the end of day Friday, May 17th.