Report Updates

Loss Mitigation Pipeline Report

The Loss Mitigation Pipeline report has been enhanced effective November 5, 2020.  This new v1.4 version includes additional processing steps in the Deferment and Partial Claims Summary.  It will also now reflect the deferred or “second” balance information in the detail section. This should provide additional insight into the status of Deferments and Partial Claims. 

You will be receiving both the current v1.3 and new v1.4 versions for the next several weeks to provide your organization with a ramp-up period for the new v1.4 data layout. A sample report and data dictionary may be found on the News section of CenAccess.

Disaster Forbearance Report

The Disaster Forbearance Report has been retired effective December 1, 2020 as the Loss Mitigation Pipeline report contains the same data along with additional information.