TCPA Consent Update

August 12, 2019

Cenlar is pleased to announce that we have changed our procedure for gathering Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) consent. After careful consideration of our requirements and controls, we will no longer provide the TPCA consent disclosure to borrowers on every call. Going forward the disclosure will only be presented to borrowers once every 60 days, with new borrowers being prompted the first time they call. We believe that this change will provide a better balance between regulation and control.

Importantly, this change will provide your borrowers with a higher level of service. It will allow us to answer their questions quicker and eliminate the nuisance of going through the TCPA process each time they call, while still making sure we have consent to contact mobile devices for potential default collection activities.

Cenlar is always looking for ways to improve the borrower experience and
efficiency on behalf of our clients while making sure you remain compliant with all regulations.