Western Union Quick Collect Termination

After careful consideration, Cenlar is terminating our relationship with Western Union Quick Collect effective March 1, 2020. The last day borrowers can make a payment using Western Union Quick Collect will be February 28, 2020.  Ongoing technical issues on the part of Western Union, in addition to a significant decline in service usage – fewer than 1,000 Quick Collect payments each month – led us to this decision.

Borrowers who used the Quick Collect service in Q4 2019 will soon receive a notice regarding this change. The notice to the borrowers will include alternate remittance options from enrolling in Cenlar’s free Automatic Payment program to authorizing a free one-time draft via Cenlar’s website, in addition to remitting checks and money orders via first class mail.

Our call centers are updating agent scripting and letters to remove any reference to Western Union.  We ask that you update your program documents, procedures and any letter templates to remove Western Union as a payment channel for Cenlar.