Address Confidentiality Programs

Many states are enacting Address Confidentiality Programs which offers protection of the mailing address of the registered borrower from the public in cases of abuse. If you have a borrower that is under one of these State programs, please notify Cenlar at the time of loan boarding.

Please send us the borrower’s name and loan number and any supporting documentation needed, identifying the borrower as a Program Participant, to the New Loan Boarding Assist mailbox: NLBOARDINGASSIST@Cenlar.com.

Please be sure to provide the alternate address for the participant when boarding the loan. The alternate mailing address should be the address provided in the mailing address fields in the interface file.

XML Fields affected:

  • MailingAddressZIPSuffix
  • MailingCity
  • MailingState
  • MailingStreetAddress
  • MailingZip
  • MailingStreetAddressUnit