Automated Monthly Report – Client Username List

Beginning Monday, April 15th and every third Monday of each month, you will begin receiving the monthly Client Username List directly delivered via the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Previously, you received this list from your Client Manager via email. Now, it will be easier for you with automated distribution to get your reports on the same day every month with SFTP.

The Client Username List contains all of your organization’s ACTIVE user credentials for all client-facing applications. The report will now have two tabs.

  • Notification tab (spreadsheet opens to this tab): There will be language each time you open the spreadsheet to remind you to review end user accessibility. This will instruct you to review designated end-user access for any additions or deletions that are required. We will need your assistance to notify Cenlar in a timely manner of any terminations of user access. Please familiarize yourself with the language in this section.
  • Exported Data tab:  This tab contains the list of users and their credentials for you to review. If you determine you need any additions or deletions to the user name list, the process is still the same. Please send an email to your Client Manager.
    • For terminations, provide the name of the user, the system(s), and the zone(s) (if more than one) that they should no longer have access.
    • For additions, provide the name of the user, email address, the system(s) they need access to, and the zone(s) they need access to (if more than one).

Report Name Details

  • This month, the naming convention of this report will be: 

Date_-_ServicedForID_-_ClientName.xlsx (please note that the ServicedForID is your ServicedForID number).

  • Beginning next month, the report name will be updated and remain as follows:


This report will be available in your SFTP folder the third Monday of each month.

  • If you automatically ingest the report from your SFTP folder, please manually access the report for this month until the report name converts to the updated name beginning with the May report.