CenAccess cloud migration coming on 5/17: whitelist update details

Cenlar’s migration of its disaster recovery data center to Microsoft Azure has continued to progress, but as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic response, has encountered some unanticipated delays. We are currently working to finalize the migration timing and the date for our overall disaster recovery exercise.  As soon as this date is confirmed, we will notify you.  

As a component of our current migration planning, we will move one of our client-facing applications, CenAccess, to our cloud on May 17, 2020.  

Our goal is to make the transition to Cenlar’s Azure cloud transparent for you. Upon transitioning to the cloud, the URL address will remain the same for connecting to CenAccess, but you may need to whitelist the new IP address.

Please reach out to your IT Security group to ensure your security protocols do not prevent you from accessing the migrated environment when it becomes available.

Please Note: The existing IP address for CenAccess should not be removed from any whitelists until Cenlar has confirmed migration of the application.

Use this chart to make the update as it applies to your organization.

ApplicationNew IP – ProdProd Effective DateNew IP – DR
CenAccess12.151.180.134May 17, 202012.221.120.230

We are providing the ability to test the new CenAccess connection and IP address by using the following URL:  https://test2.cenaccess.com, which will be enabled and available from May 7 – May 15 (end of business).  

Cenlar is committed to safeguarding your data and will maintain equivalent or better security levels within its Azure cloud facilities. 

Please share this important information with your IT team.