Cloud Migration Update

Cenlar’s planned 2020 migration of its data and disaster recovery centers to Microsoft Azure is progressing as planned. Our initial migration, which began earlier this year, is complete. Now we are ready to transition client production servers to the cloud as part of our deliberate and ongoing phased roll out.

Current URL addresses will not change. However, for security purposes, new IP addresses will be required to connect with our migrated systems.

The new IP addresses for all of our applications are listed below.

ApplicationNew IP – ProdNew IP – DR
Citrix (https://connect.cennet.com)
Global Teller (https://gt.cenaccess.com)
MoveIt (Outbound to Clients) (https://sft.cennet.com)
MoveIt (Inbound to Clients) (https://sft.cennet.com)
Mulesoft APIs (https://api.cenlar.com)
NCR SSO (https://di.cennet.com)
NLAI (https://nlai.cenaccess.com)
SSO (https://clientservices.loanadministration.com)
XML New Loan Interface (https://newloans.cennet.com)

Your Next Steps

Please share this information with your IT team and any auditors that access Cenlar systems.


We recommend whitelisting your new IP addresses. This step will ensure your security protocols enable you to access the migrated environments.

Application Testing

For Citrix Users:

Testing for Citrix will begin next month. To ensure a smooth transition, please identify several users to perform testing.  We recommend choosing testers who regularly use Citrix and already have a Cenlar account. Instructions for testing the Citrix connection, including a test URL and how to confirm a positive result, will be provided by the week of August 10.

Other Applications:

Other applications will be tested in Q4 2020. We will share further details about that testing at a later date.

Please know that we will turn off the old connections by December 15, 2020, when we’re confident everyone has successfully moved over to the new locations in the cloud environment. If you have difficulty meeting this deadline, please reach out to your Client Manager.

Cenlar is committed to safeguarding your data and will maintain equivalent or better security levels within its Azure cloud facilities.