Disaster Forbearance Status Dashboard

In an effort to keep you informed as to our natural disaster response, Cenlar is distributing a daily Disaster Forbearance Report in your FTP site. The report provides you with a detailed status of the disaster forbearances that have either expired, or will be expiring over the next few months. This dashboard will also highlight data related to our borrower-outreach efforts and related payment information.

Notable highlights of the report include:

  • The dashboard will be delivered daily and dropped in your FTP site with the naming convention: 39_2017DECEMBER25_Disaster_Forbearance_Report_CENLARCLIENT
  • Organized by maturity date of forbearance plan
  • Sortable by respective disaster and investor
  • Includes both loan level and summary data
  • Tab outlining the number of payments made since the Forbearance
  • For your convenience, we have attached a sample of the report here. A data dictionary feature for this dashboard is currently under development and will be available at a future date.