Hurricane Florence Updates

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, we wanted to keep you updated as to the progress we have made so far and our efforts to provide assistance to all borrowers impacted by this natural disaster. Here are the items we’ve been working on:

Disaster Dashboard:

  • Utilizing the disaster workstation, Cenlar will code all loans affected by this disaster upon FEMA Declaration. As loans are coded, you will be able to review them on the disaster dashboard, which is produced on a daily basis.

Borrower Communication:

  • Starting today and throughout next week, the attached email, branded to your organization, will be sent to your impacted borrowers who have authorized email communication. A letter with the same the content will be mailed to borrowers if an email address is not  available.
  • Call campaigns for delinquent borrowers in NC & SC outside of the impacted area have resumed today as normal.
  • For impacted borrowers who are delinquent, a call campaign will commence next week, inquiring as to the borrowers’ impact and reviewing their options on how we can assist them during this difficult time.