Preparing for Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence is forecasted to make landfall, Cenlar has activated its Natural Disaster Communications Playbook to assist you and your borrowers during this difficult time.

In the coming days, as we hear from FEMA and other agencies, we will reach out to you and your borrowers directly affected by this natural disaster. Below are some helpful government links related to disaster assistance that you can visit now to help answer your questions and provide further instruction.

Helpful Links

To learn more, you can access the Natural Disaster Communications Playbook located on CenAccess. We have posted important disaster-related FAQs on CenAccess, as well as on CenNet to assist you and your borrowers.

Cenlar is committed to meeting the needs of both our clients and their borrowers. We are here to help and provide support. As this weather event unfolds, we will continue to be in contact with you and will alert you of any updates or changes.