Make a Payment Fee Changes

Effective September 15, 2019 we are adjusting the fees we charge your borrowers for two payment options: the automated phone payment system and agent assisted phone payments. Revised fee schedules will be available via CenAccess on July 22, 2019 for those of you who need to submit and file with state regulators.

The fee to make a payment using our automated phone system will be $2.00 per transaction, while the fee to make a payment through a call center agent will be $9.00 per transaction.    

We are making these changes to cover our costs and encourage borrowers to use our free payment options. These new fees  better align with industry standards. Please note that even with these increases, our fees remain substantially lower than the industry average. Your borrowers will still have the ability to make a payment at no charge through check, ACH or branch payments, if applicable.

We will be communicating the fee to your borrowers through our automated phone system and live agents prior to these payment fee changes becoming effective on September 15, 2019.

Making a payment online is easy and free

Of course, your borrowers can still make payments via the automated phone system, with the assistance of an agent or by check, but they can also make a payment anytime, anywhere for free using CenNet, our borrower website. It’s safe, secure and incredibly convenient. And again, other no charge payment options described above will still be available to borrowers.