New Lien Release Status Screen

Cenlar FSB recently updated our offered services with a new system that will help to demystify our lien release process and allow you more convenient access to information at all steps of the process. You will now be able to view milestone steps, and other associated completion dates within the lien release process, by accessing the PIFM screen within our servicing system.

In addition to being able to easily view the progress of the lien release process at all stages, you will also be able to see exceptions: any associated process steps will be updated if an exception occurs during the process. By utilizing our current system of record, Cenlar believes that this enhancement will grant deeper transparency to the process and better peace of mind to our customers.

Below, a sample screenshot is provided. Please note that in this sample, the REFUND ESCROW step is not set up for tracking.


These changes went into effect with loans paid in full beginning March 1st, 2017. After logging in to the MSP system, simply type “PIFM” and the number of the loan you wish to review to view the loan in the new PIFM view.

We are excited to be able to add this service to our repertoire of offerings.