New Loan Boarding Interface Specifications Updated

Cenlar has completed the update to our New Loan Boarding Interface Specifications and corresponding edit file. The updated specifications include new fields that will allow us to better serve your interest and to maintain compliance due to regulatory changes. The new edits are tied to the new fields and are currently set as a warning. The edits will remain as warnings up through July 31, 2016 at which time they will be set to reject loans not meeting the edit criteria.

For our NLAI users, these same fields and edits have been added to this application and will be required as applicable.

Based on OCC requirements, our Compliance department has identified what are deemed ‘required fields’ for loan boarding. Attached is the list of fields that have been added to the loan boarding interfaces. This list includes XML Fields, XML Edits or New Fields and 10425 Country Codes which is a table of values for the new Mailing Country code field. Please note that many of the fields pertain to specific property types and may not apply to loans you originate or purchase.

Please note that formal testing and signoff will be required on all interfaces before implementation into production is allowed.

If you have questions pertaining to the development or are ready to discuss testing of the fields prior to implementation, please contact us via e-mail to nlboardingassist@cenlar.com.