NLAI (New Loans Application Interface) Enhanced Security

On December 21, 2018, as a part of Cenlar’s efforts to improve the security of services we provide to you, Cenlar’s Information Technology Team will be changing the URL (Universal Resource Locator) for the NLAI application. The new URL and the related changes that are being implemented will improve the security of the site and allow traffic only from IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that have been specifically whitelisted for your business.

Upon implementation, connection requests from any other non-authorized IP addresses will be rejected. An automatic URL redirect from the old URL to the new URL will be installed as part of this change.

Between now and November 15, 2018, your Client Manager will confirm with your organization the list of your external IP address(es) so that Cenlar can ensure that we have updated your authorized whitelist.

Cenlar will also schedule time with you after we have updated your whitelist, to perform acceptance testing and to schedule the date for your production migration to the new URL.

If you no longer wish to use NLAI as your loan boarding method please let your Client Manager know and they will work with you to implement our XML loan boarding product.

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Manager or reach out to me directly. Remember to visit www.cenaccess.com for more Cenlar News and Advisories.